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2009-02-27 08:57 pm

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It's been a really kriffing long day. One of those really fun ones where Rial is shuttled from meeting to conference to meeting with barely five minutes in between/. He thinks he shouldn't be surprised, what with everything that's been going on lately - one of the largest manufacturers of air-and-ground-craft announcing a completely unexpected bankruptcy due to lengthy embezzlement by one of their top people, an strike by public transit workers, the continuing concern over the length of time it's taking them to be able to establish a working Planetary Defense Strategy...the list goes on.

And on.

So when the chrono hits 1900 hours he finally makes it back to the apartment, passing by his parents and scooping up a sleepy Ianna first. He doesn't even bother to shower (although to be honest, he needs it), just flops down on the sofa, Ianna on his chest, and gives her a long look.

She looks back, just as solemnly.

His comm beeps, he picks it up. "Pernon. Yes. Uh-huh. No, I think Baron Chastall has the proposal, can you get in contact with him?"

He pulls a face. Ianna giggles.

"Yes. I'm sure. Well I can - mmhmm, tomorrow at 0900. Okay. Yes. Right. Yes. Thank you."

He pulls another face, this one decidedly worse. Ianna burbles in response.

"Yes. Yes. Excuse me." He ends the communication, hefts the comm for a moment, and hurls it at the door.

Which was. Um. Closed a moment ago, he's sure.